Wednesday, January 24

Sorry for the Bad News, But...

My hard drive crashed on Monday and I'm not sure how much data I've lost or when I'll have it back--I hoping for this weekend, but I can't be sure. Until then we're not going to be able to post. Look for a new post on Monday and, if it's not up, then Wednesday for sure. We've got a new Panda Bear track review and a Coachella lineup mixtape waiting for you when it happens. Thanks for your patience.

A word of advice: backup everything you have onto an external drive. Now. Seriously. When you lose 60 gigs of music, hundreds of pictures, and every single document of music journalism (as well as homework, creative writing, and a list of every concert I've ever attended) you've ever written, you'll understand why I say this. Fucking shit.

- Dominick Duhamel -


At 10:23 PM , Blogger Ren said...

Wow, shitty. Hope to read some new stuff when you get your bearings.


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